Dispute Resolution and Enforcement

Mediation of intellectual property disputes, pre-trial and out-of-court settlement of disputes, enforcement of rights in administrative proceedings, IP litigation.
The superpower of our team is efficient and expedient resolution of disputes involving intellectual property assets and related areas of law. We have an extensive local and international track record in the resolution of disputes related to:

 Challenging decisions of patent and trademark offices Invalidation of title documents Enforcement of intellectual property rights Copyright and authorship

Infringing use of trademarks Establishment of prior use rights Establishment of a well-known status of a trademarkPatent rights

Domain names Royalty rates Violation of license terms Violation of technology transfer agreements

 Protection of business reputation Protection against unfair competition practicesViolation of rights on the Internet


The diverse professional experience of our team members as independent consultants, in-house lawyers and government officials has allowed us to accumulate a substantive arsenal of tools for the protection of the rights of our clients and the successful resolution of such disputes:


Pre-trial and out-of-court settlement of disputes:

Drafting and forwarding of cease and desist letters Mediation of disputes by a certified mediator Efficient negotiations Written settlement with respect to the subject matter of the dispute


Settlement of disputes in the administrative proceedings:

 Filing of oppositions against trademark and patent applications with the PTOs Responding to third party oppositions against trademark and patent applications Challenging PTO decisions with the Appeals Boards Addressing the antimonopoly authorities with unfair competition claims Enforcement of rights at the border Imposing administrative liability for the violation of IP rights


Out-of-court settlement of disputes:

WIPO domain name arbitration DMCA takedown notices in social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and at marketplaces (e.g. Amazon)


Litigation of IP-related disputes, namely:

Challenging PTO decisions Invalidation and termination of title documents Enforcement of IP rights Counteracting to unfair competition practices Recovery of damages caused by violation of IP rights Instigation of criminal proceedings for violation of IP rights

We will be delighted to apply all of our knowledge and experience to secure that your dispute is resolved in the most efficient manner. We will help you to turn your problem into our assignment.