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Powerful, efficient, and quality legal service for the protection of brands, products, markets, ideas, innovations, information, reputation

20+years on the market
900+happy clients
2000+cases in prosecution
90%+disputes resolved in the clientS' favor

Why do clients trust us?

individual approach to complex issues
efficient management of routine tasks
masterful use of client resources
high-level view combined with attention to details
forward thinking

Registration and Portfolio Management

Registration of copyrights, trademarks, designs, inventions, utility models, plant varieties, in Ukraine, Poland, EU and worldwide

Dispute Resolution and Enforcement

Mediation and pre-trial settlement of IP disputes, administrative enforcement of rights, IP litigation

Advisory and Transactional Support

Providing advisory support to the client’s businesses in the sphere of intellectual property, data privacy, IT and media law areas

Our Benefits


The foundation of the exceptional expertise of our team members are: quality education, non-stop professional development, extensive and diverse work experience, confirmed by respective, diplomas, certificates, publications, and rankings.

Sector Focus

We understand the peculiarities and dynamics of each of our client’s business environment and mind them approaching the clients’ assignments. We think as our clients and secure client-oriented results.

Flexible Teams

For each of the client’s projects, we tailor a team, the overall expertise of which is best suited for its successful implementation. This allows us to efficiently perform routine tasks and use a creative approach in resolving complex assignments.

Quality Service

Clear and precise communications with clients, timely reports, and essential information without superfluous details.


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